My little guy has to take oral steroids for 5 days. We are on day 2 and I am out of options. (When he sees the bottle, he yells, "Me running away! Me hiding!") ***Edited to add everyone's suggestions and our results. Thank you thank you thank you for the help and advice.***
  1. Mix it with juice
    To disguise the taste? Didn't work.
  2. Bribery
    Chocolate chips and marshmallows. Didn't work.
  3. Reason with him
    Didn't work. (Obviously.)
  4. Write a story
    Suggested by @jcrusius Write a story about a child who doesn't want to take medicine and how his parents understand and help him, resulting in him taking it and getting better. We tried this one. He LOVED reading the story, claimed that he loved both medicine and doctors, and was marginally more cooperative for that round of meds.
  5. Let him operate the syringe
    Suggested by @alligeeshow Letting him be in control of the process might make him more willing. We tried this one too. He loved the idea but lacks the motor skills to depress the syringe while it's in his mouth. I also think he didn't realize that it wasn't mean to be a toy and I still wanted him to ingest the medicine. Once I explained it he clamped his mouth shut.
  6. Mix it with yogurt
    Suggested by @sloan Mix the meds with a sweetened yogurt. Haven't tried this one yet but will if he becomes especially stubborn. Slightly concerned about wasting a dose since I don't know how to make him eat yogurt if he realizes the medicine is in there and refuses.
  7. Pretend to give it to his favorite stuffed animal, who will of course love it and want more and maybe that helps...? My son still uses the bottle so we just mix stuff with milk and he seems OK with it, but I am sure that won't last much longer....
    Suggested by @jeremyblachman
  8. Above reminds me of the thought I had in the comments and forgot to record: let him play doctor with his stuffed animals and give them medicine.
    Maybe he will work through his discomfort through play?
  9. Sticker chart
    We also implemented a sticker chart. He puts one on for each dose. Hopefully also lets him see that this process does have an end. Does it work? Not sure. He likes the stickers but still resists actually taking the medicine.