How to make your 3 year old the happiest kid ever

  1. Bring him to Diggerland, a construction vehicle theme park!
  2. Here's a sampling of what we got to do:
  3. Drive a skid steer vehicle
    Little kids ride in an adult's lap; kid can work the controls.
  4. Drive a dump truck type vehicle
    Same as above. Was too busy laughing at my son careening around the course as my husband tried to instruct him on steering.
  5. Ride a carousel where the seats were made of digger buckets.
  6. Drive a little car
  7. Ride an "excavator train"
  8. Use actual diggers to knock down bowling pins...
  9. ...and scoop dirt
  10. Play on an enormous playground
  11. There were quite a few other options as well, but we were limited to rides with a minimum height requirement of 36".
  12. And, if you there aren't any kids in your life who would like this place (or you want to ditch them and have fun by yourself), there is the "Diggerland XL Experience" for adults ages 18+. They let you drive the big vehicles - excavators, backhoes, etc.
  13. It was pretty much the perfect day. Sunny, pleasant, no crowds. The park is small enough that you can easily walk it, and it's quite clean. We loved it so much we bought membership passes (you only have to go twice in a year for it to pay for itself).
  14. My son didn't even know this place existed until we pulled into the parking lot. It was so fun to surprise him for his birthday!