Inspired by @ShawnKelly
  1. Increased emotional sensitivity combined with sudden onset crying
  2. Heightened maternal instinct
  3. Intense love of family
  4. Intermittent urges to leave everything behind and live in a cabin in the woods
    (Followed by a flood of emotion about the idea of not being near your parents/grandparents/siblings)
  5. Periodic, short-lived bursts of self-improvement
    Including but not limited to: exercise, organization projects, non-fiction reading, early bedtimes, skincare, etc etc
  6. Forgetfulness, especially of what you were just doing, thinking, or saying a second ago
  7. Cravings for sweets and Very Large Salads in equal measure
  8. Contentment with having a few close friends over a large social group
  9. Confusion about left and right, almost always while giving driving directions, often at the exact moment the driver has to turn
  10. A strong preference for socks over bare feet
  11. Generalized but hopefully endearing cluelessness, with little to no knowledge about TV, movies, or music
  12. The ability to fall asleep in seconds, in a variety of locations
  13. Procrastination/perfectionism but also idealism/optimism
    Lots of -isms
  14. Frequent checking