Inspired by @LizDawson and @ChristaBullock
  1. "Judging by the sheer number of toys, I'd guess they are running an illegal daycare on the side."
  2. "The fridge and pantry were well-stocked with food, but the only choices for beverages were water and a dozen or so varieties of loose-leaf tea."
    Sometimes if you're lucky, we have seltzer.
  3. "The bathroom was usually out of toilet paper. Check before using."
  4. "DirecTV is available, but the TV is always tuned in to sports and the owner cannot be persuaded to change it."
  5. "Restaurants, parks, and community pool within walking distance."
  6. "Laundry facility on site. Easy to coordinate use with owners, as they seem to use it infrequently."
  7. "Generally clean. Avoid walking through the dining area barefoot."
  8. "We felt really safe here. The neighbors must be part of a neighborhood watch program, as they are keenly aware of everyone's comings and goings."
    Not an official one, no. But they are always watching.
  9. "The deck and backyard are perfect for relaxing!"
    As long as you bring bug spray for the ever-present mosquitoes.
  10. "Kid-friendly accommodations. Nothing fragile or breakable. Safety gates installed throughout."
  11. "Very cozy and warm. We were really able to relax and enjoy our stay."