Lots of things scared me as a child. Pretty much everything, in fact. This was the worst though:
  1. When I was a freshman in high school (so, about 14), my friends went on a scary movie kick. I suffered through so many terrifying movies.
  2. The very worst one was Candyman.
  3. My two supposed "best" friends (JK, I still love them to this day), brought the movie over to my house. I think they thought that I would just get used to scary movies if I watched them enough.
  4. They turned off all the lights and pressed play.
  5. I scrunched myself into the tiniest ball possible in the corner of the couch and spent the next two hours covering my eyes and ears at the same time while they watched this stupid movie.
  6. At one point, the wind blew through the open window and knocked down some glass bottles my mom had on the windowsill. Everyone started screaming. It was chaos.
  7. For literally years afterward, I could only wash my face with the bathroom door open, preferably if someone was home. I was convinced that if I put my head down to splash water on my face, Candyman would be standing there when I looked up.
  8. Honestly, I'm still sometimes scared to be in my bathroom at night. Only if my husband is away though. Usually.