Some things I'm enjoying today/recently.
  1. Routines
    Inspired by @iammeghanmurray, we instituted some new routines to start off the school year, and I have to say they're working wonders. I'm really thrilled. Hoping to add to them a little at a time once they're solidly in place.
  2. Podcast for grown-ups: Zen Parenting Radio
    It's a parenting podcast but with a very self-help twist. Their motto is "The best predictor of a child's well-being is a parent's self-understanding," so it's much more grown-up focused than kid focused. Every time I listen I think about how you don't really even have to have kids to enjoy the podcast. They are sometimes (ok, often) corny, and have great Chicago accents.
  3. Podcast for kids: But Why?
    This is an awesome science podcast for kids and families. We've only just started listening but I've learned a lot myself, never mind the kids. Nice, easy-to-follow format, but not boring.
  4. You Belong Here
    This beautiful and reassuring book manages to avoid the sappiness of others of its kind. It lists, in rhyme, places where things/animals belong, interspersed with verses about how the child belongs right where s/he is. Perfect for reading out loud and making a child feel like the most-loved person on the planet.
  5. Chocolate Chex
    My nightly after-dinner snack. Bonus: it makes the milk all chocolately too so you can drink it afterwards.
  6. Lemon Spindrift
    Have I mentioned this one before? If so, I am still INTO IT. So delicious and refreshing. At TJs or Target.