Requested by @marissarae
My current job is stay-at-home mom. Other things that tug at my heart are:
  1. Tutor, private practice
    An extension of the tutoring I do now. I'd love to have an office where students could come to me, and to extend my knowledge and abilities so I could offer more comprehensive services. This is the most realistic, and I really hope it happens.
  2. Children's librarian
    I love books, and I love kids, and I love children's books. It's perfect.
  3. Artist/illustrator
    You know when people say they wish they could sing like <insert famous singer>? That's how I feel about art.
  4. Bookstore/cafe owner
    My mom and sisters and I collectively daydream about opening an independent bookstore together with a little cafe attached.
  5. Pediatric occupational therapist
    I like kids and helping people, and jobs where you can be creative and solve problems.
  6. Gardener/small-scale farmer
    Being able to bring things to life from seeds seems like a super power. All that life and beauty...
  7. Hiking guide
    I loved the guide that led the Baby and Me hiking group I used to be part of. Having a job where all/part of it is spent outside seems awesome.
  8. Professional organizer
    I love setting things in order. Probably wouldn't like dealing with other people's dirt though. Can I just organize houses that are clean but cluttered?
  9. Professional reader
    Is this a thing? Let's make it a thing.
  10. Edited to add: semi-professional student
    As in, I would love to attend so many more classes of all different types, but maybe I could pick and choose what assignments I do? No presentations or group work. Just let me enjoy learning all the things.