1. 1 - A word
  2. 2 - Something I don't like
    Luckily, my kids love them so these won't go to waste.
  3. 3 - Something old
    Listing from the beach. The Atlantic Ocean is pretty old, right? 😄
  4. 4 - Patriotic
    A late addition. This caught my eye while we were at the zoo today.
  5. 5 - Front door
    My neighbors drove by and beeped/waved as I was taking this and they probably wondered what I was up to, taking a picture of my own front door.
  6. 6 - Love is...
    These two. ❤❤
  7. 7 - Quiet
    The kids were nearby, absorbed in a crystal mining kit my daughter got for her birthday.
  8. 8 - Upside down
    Looking sort of upside down from my spot in bed.
  9. 9 - Feet
    I've taken a longer than anticipated break from running (bursitis in my hip), but today I started back again, slowly, one half mile at a time.
  10. 10 - Key
    A real store in a town near me. Apparently their multi-talented team repairs shoes, watches, and vacuums, and also makes keys.
  11. 11 - Fruit
    This week's CSA share included sour cherries. If anyone knows what to do with them, I'm all ears.
  12. 12 -Close up
  13. 13 - Looking down
    Looking down the stairs from our kitchen towards our basement. Most nights in summer, just like tonight, there will be a pile of wet bathing suits and towels waiting to be washed.
  14. 14 - Shadow
    From our hike the other day. Today is too rainy for good shadow pictures.
  15. 15 - Bag
    My "day trip with the kids" bag. Just retired my old one after 6 years and got this one. I like it a lot.
  16. 16 - Rock
    U2. June 2017, NJ. I love them so much.
  17. 17 - You
    Taken over the weekend. I was sitting on the lawn at the winery where I got married 10 years ago, listening to live music and watching my children run through the grass. (Also I feel like this picture is the answer to the prompt "me," not "you." But it's easier to answer this way and I'm tired.)
  18. 18 - Two
    Target run! 🎯 My daughter eventually talked me into buying these for her. I know she mostly wanted them for the bunny picture on the front, and I'm trying to impart the lesson that we don't buy kid stuff every time we set foot in a store. But when she loudly exclaimed, "Don't you want me to stretch my brain?!" I realized that I was against fighting a 6-year old about math flash cards, and that seemed silly so she won.
  19. 19 - Entertainment
    Baking soda + (vinegar + food coloring) = at least an hour of indoor entertainment on a 90-degree day. 🙌🏼
  20. 20 - Alone
    A little quiet time at the end of the day.
  21. 21 - Nails
  22. 26 - A is for...
    Airplane seat at the kids' hair cutting place! This and the DVD they put on for him are the reasons my son will sit for a haircut.
  23. 27 - pink
    From a couple of weeks ago. 💕