As mentioned in this list: A TO Z OF ME, lying came easily to me as a child and growing out of it took longer than it maybe should have. These are some noteworthy ones that stand out in my memory:
  1. My sister did it.
    Truth: I wrote her name on the wall with marker. She was like 6 months old at the time. BUSTED.
  2. I collected all those pennies myself.
    Truth: I took them from a dresser drawer in an unused bedroom at my grandparents' house. I didn't think anyone would notice. I still feel guilty about this almost 30 years later. NOT BUSTED.
  3. Mrs X pushed Kid Y down.
    Truth: Mrs X got so close to Kid Y that Kid Y actually did fall down. And she was doing it to intimidate her, which was despicable because Kid Y was a 5th grader and Mrs X (another child's parent) was a bully. But embellishing the truth was going to cause a huge problem and my mom somehow sensed it and called me on it. BUSTED (and was relieved because the trouble would not have been worth it.)
  4. I just don't want a boyfriend right now.
    Truth: I didn't want to date him, specifically. He called me on this one and I felt so horrible about rejecting him that I repeated my original lie. I was in high school, and it was the first time I'd rejected anyone. SORT OF BUSTED, in the sense that he knew even though I didn't confirm it.
  5. This food is too spicy for you./We don't have any cookies left./*other food related lies*
    Truth: Sometimes I don't want to share my food with my kids. I hide chocolate from them and eat the cookies while they are napping. This is the last vestige of my former lying days. I do not feel particularly bad about it. NOT BUSTED YET...but the day is surely coming.