Hey, @list! Look at this funny quirk!
  1. I went into my published lists tonight to check for something in an old list.
  2. Scrolling through, I noticed this:
  3. When I clicked on the list, there was 1 comment, from myself.
    About HGTV programming, ha ha.
  4. One of my other lists also shows a negative number of comments.
  5. It struck me as funny that the app was programmed to be capable of showing a negative number.
    I know nothing about programming or tech or app development. (So little, in fact, that I don't even know if those are the right terms; I'm just trying to sound fancy.) But I assumed that when one develops an app, everything about it is specified. Including the possibility of such an absence of comments that they would need negative numbers to describe them?
  6. This isn't a complaint. I don't need them restored or anything like that. Just thought it was odd and wondered if it had happened to anyone else.