1. Last night, I dreamt that someone at li.st HQ (I believe it was @jeremysomething) flipped a switch and published all of our drafts.
    It was an actual switch, like on an old switchboard operator's panel. The image in the dream suggested that he had snuck into the building in the dead of night and was working by flashlight. Why so nefarious?
  2. All of the drafts. All of them. Everyone's. Published in one fell swoop, in their unfinished, messy, possibly embarrassing states.
  3. In the dream, I woke up to 839 notifications.
  4. It was a real roller coaster of delight (ooh, so many lists to read!) and dread (no, mine weren't ready yet!).
  5. Please, li.st HQ folks, don't flip that switch.