We will be married 10 years this July, so we called in a few favors and left the kids for a long weekend away together (in April; I've been meaning to list about it since then). It was amazing. I'd never been before but I'm ready to go back.
    Piccadilly Circus. I really took this to show my vehicle-loving kid the taxi and bus. He was impressed. 😄
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    Walking around town
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    We spent most of our time outside walking around the city because the weather was so nice. But we did take an hour and wander the National Gallery.
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    Of course. 😉
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    You can see Big Ben in the background!
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    Remarkably pretty in person. I never realized how detailed the tower and clock face are.
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  8. Static
    Westminster Abbey. We opted not go in because it cost money and we wouldn't have been able to stay long - we had reservations for afternoon tea.
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    Vegan afternoon tea!! It was so so so good. The sandwiches and the scones with coconut cream were my favorite.
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    The Diana Gardens at Kensington Palace
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    Kensington Palace. We arrived just a smidge too late for the tour, but the gardens/grounds are lovely.
  12. FRIDAY
    St Paul's Cathedral. I wasn't aware of the history/significance of this beautiful building. Luckily, our concierge recommended it, and a lovely volunteer showed us around and educated us. One of the best things we did in London.
  13. We walked across the Millennium Bridge and stopped at the Tate for lunch. The art was a little over our heads so we only stayed a short while, but we did enjoy the view from the top before leaving.
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    Waking along the Thames. The weather was especially spectacular, and it was just sort of dreamy and romantic.
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  16. We ended Friday with a quick dinner and a show: The Comedy About a Bank Robbery, which was hysterically funny.
    The walk back to our hotel along Regent Street. I must have told my husband a thousand times how pretty I thought this was.
    The main reason for our trip: a visit to The Lane!! White Hart Lane that is, home of Tottenham Hotspur. Currently being torn down to make room for a bigger, fancier stadium. My husband had been before, but we wanted to see it together. I'm so glad we did. I may have shed some tears. The 4-0 win over Watford was nice too.
  18. We met my husband's best friend at the game, and he drove us to his house for dinner with his wife and their new baby.
    I'd met them before when they visited the US for vacation and loved them instantly. It was really nice to spend more time with them. I wish we lived on the same continent, but it's cool to have friends in interesting places too.
  19. SUNDAY
    We did the double-decker bus tour, which honestly wasn't my favorite but I needed a break from walking 20K+ steps every day. I could have taken pictures of every single building we saw, they were all so pretty.
  20. Static
    The Tower of London. Another fantastic recommendation, this time from the aforementioned best friend (and another thing I knew nothing about before we got there). It's fascinating. We didn't see the Crown Jewels (the wait was over an hour) but I didn't mind. The rest of the site was worth the visit.
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    Had to. (This was at the Tower of London. We skipped the real Changing of the Guard.)
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    Tower Bridge
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    Buckingham Palace. Easily the most crowded and tourist-filled place we encountered the whole weekend. We walked around the outside and ate our takeaway lunch by the monument in front of the palace.
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    St James's Park, another of my favorite experiences on the trip. It was spectacularly gorgeous.
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    The park was so crowded! It felt like the whole city of London came out to play. We laid in the grass for a while just enjoying the sunshine.
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    View from a bridge in the park
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  28. Ended Sunday night eating amazing Indian food with some other friends of ours. Great food, great conversation, so lovely and relaxing.
  29. MONDAY
    A quick walk through Regent's Park before we caught our train to Heathrow.