Inspired by @nathanveshecco
  1. Half my age is 18. I turned 18 in 1997, during the summer between graduating high school and starting college.
  2. Notable memories from that year:
  3. Crashing my mom's car. Twice.
    Both were sort of my fault. The second one less so, I think, but it did more damage and my mom was super mad at me. (I haven't crashed any cars since then. Lessons learned.)
  4. Experiencing that heart-wrenching feeling of an era ending.
    My friends and I clung to each other extra-hard that summer. It was painful to leave them because of the knowledge that we would never have this time back again. Happily, they are still some of my closest friends to this day. I still can't believe how lucky I was to find them.
  5. Volunteering at a summer camp for children with special needs and figuring out a possible career path.
    I actually went to the information session looking for a different position. As luck would have it, I was placed with two amazing teachers in the pre-school summer camp instead. They encouraged me to try some education classes in college because they thought I had a knack for it. I am so grateful for that gentle push.
  6. Realizing how interesting my college classes would be and figuring out how to learn and study.
    I was a pretty good student in high school, but I could have been so much better if I had any sort of study/organizational skills or willingness to dedicate time to subjects I didn't really care about. In college I finally figured out the best ways for me to take notes and study. It was such a revelation, totally motivated by the fact that I was interested in my classes and wanted to learn the material.
  7. Feeling so different and just completely uncool.
    I honestly didn't realize how much of the college social scene would revolve around drinking. I didn't know how to socialize with my otherwise lovely friends when nights and weekends were devoted to partying. I either ended up feeling awkward and miserable at a party, or alone in my dorm room.
  8. Other memories of that time (not my actual pics):
  9. How I played music:
  10. What I listened to:
  11. What I drove:
    My mom's red Toyota pickup truck. The second of the two accidents mentioned above totaled it. Sorry, Mom.
  12. What I watched:
    In high school, my best friend and I would watch every Thursday night while on the phone together so we could share the experience in real time. This baffled my dad, who couldn't understand how we could possibly have more to say to each other after being in every class and having track practice together.
  13. What I watched it on:
    Yes, folks. A combination TV/VCR. Purchased freshman year when we realized that not having a TV (and Internet was pretty new to us - not a source of news) made us miss the fact that both Mother Teresa and Princess Diana has died. Like, we didn't know until a week or so later.
  14. How I logged into email in college:
    The school assigned us an email address. It was the first one I ever had. We logged into Telnet to access our email by entering prompts on a screen similar to this one. I got my own computer either junior or senior year and it was a *really big deal.*
  15. Ok, this is turning into one of those silly "you know you're a __s kid when..." lists. Sorry.
  16. It's hard to believe and sort of scary how quickly the time has passed between then and now.