Roughly chronologically. All different families.
  1. The mom who left 11 year old me and my 11 year old best friend with her baby once a week while she ran to the store.
    She hired us because we delivered the newspaper to her house.
  2. The kids stealing my drawing materials and locking them in the bathroom because they wanted 100% of my attention every second.
    I wanted to doodle while they watched the mindless cartoons they demanded every morning. I told on them when their mom got home.
  3. The kids who were never, ever listened to a thing I said. I didn't know what to do with them.
    One night my younger sister filled in for me. She takes no sh*t. By mutual agreement between me, her, and the parents, she became their regular babysitter.
  4. The kids who were so sweet and snuggly.
    They were so little that I basically tucked them into bed and had the rest of the night to myself. The youngest used to request Sandra Boyton's "Moo Baa Ya Ya Ya" because he couldn't say the L sound for "La La La." It was the cutest.
  5. The kids who were only allowed to watch PBS, and who introduced me to Fawlty Towers.
    We laughed so hard together. They were creative, interesting, delightful children.
  6. The family who sang "Happy Half Birthday" to me and shared half a leftover cake with me for the occasion.
    I'd never heard of half birthdays, and the fact that they even knew when mine was shows you how much we loved each other.