1. I'm going to keep thinking in lists for maybe forever.
    Thinking of things I want to tell you or noticing things I think you'd be interested in.
  2. I don't think the comments are going to be in the archive and I'm sad about that.
    It feels like tangible evidence of our community.
  3. I'm going to miss this for a long while.
    There isn't any other place like this in my life. The void will be noticeable.
  4. You guys are amazing. The last two days have been heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.
  5. Ok, every time I get a new notification, I tear up a little. This is ridiculous.
  6. Ugh. Instagram is fine and all, but how am I going to really *talk* to you?
    Is Facebook worth it, honestly? I've never used it. I'd have to set up a fake email to hide from people/relatives I don't want to see.