Mugs I own (ranked) and their roles in life

Inspired by @marceline.
  1. 6.
    Travel mug
    I actually like this quite a lot but it doesn't fit neatly in the rest of the list. Has a lock so it never spills, keeps the tea piping hot. Feels good when you hold it. Would recommend (Contigo brand).
  2. 5.
    Everyday mugs
    The ones that came with our dishes. They're pretty but they don't feel "special." I mostly use them when we have company and I have to serve a lot of people at once.
  3. 4.
    Floral mug
    A souvenir from my husband's last trip to England, sent home with him by our friends there. I was surprised at how much I like the pattern. Best when I'm sharing a pot with someone.
  4. 3.
    Starbucks mugs
    Slightly oversized, good handles. Hold more tea than most of my other mugs. Sort of embarrassed about the stains, but it's ok. Scouring mugs just isn't how I spend my time. Good for black tea.
  5. 2.
    Handle-less teacup
    My parents brought this one back from Epcot for me at least 15 years ago. I use it when I make tea in the little green pot next to it. Always with green tea, almost always in the evening, and often when I am coloring or drawing after the kids are in bed. This one is for when I want to savor my tea slowly.
  6. 1.
    Handmade mug
    My very, very favorite. Made by my cousin who used to be a potter. I've had it for almost 20 years, and I will be devastated if it ever breaks. The handle is huge, the lip is thin, and it holds a generous amount of tea. Plus, it's gorgeous. Black or green tea, depending on my mood.