So many people's lists today referenced the power music has to transport you to a specific time or place. I limited this list to childhood, partly for length, and partly because it's so cool to me how music lifts these images out of the general haze that is the memories of my childhood.
  1. My aunt playing Material Girl on the hi-fi at my grandparents' house as she was getting ready for a date, and me feeling really grown-up that she included me in her fun (age 5)
  2. Listening to Every Step You Take in the car with my parents and realizing that I'd heard it enough times to know the words (age 5 or 6)
  3. Dancing to Bruce Springsteen in the living room of my family's apartment with the sun shining in the windows and both of my parents being carefree and happy (age 7)
  4. Listening to Living on a Prayer with my best friend in her bedroom and thinking it was about two people running towards each other across the prairie (age 7)
    I was way into the Little House books at the time, and living on a prairie made more sense to me than the metaphorical prayer in the song.
  5. Listening to The Color Song ("This is a song about colors, colors, You see them all around...") on the record player in music class (age 8)
    I adored my elementary school music teacher. Even as kids, we could just tell that he loved music and children, and he was so happy and gentle. I could draw you the music room just based on hearing this song.
  6. Trying to record I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues from the radio onto my tape player so I could listen to it over and over and learn the words (age 10)
  7. Listening to November Rain on repeat for weeks with my 5th grade best friend (age 11)
    I have mixed associations with this one because this friend wasn't always that nice to me, but I am mentally right back in her apartment as soon as I hear it (expecting her mom to ground her and send me home, ha ha).