I originally listed them here: SMALL ATTEMPTS AT CHANGE FOR 2016 (but you don't have to bother reading it because I basically repeated it in this list).
  1. Yell less. 🚫
    Nope. Still terrible. So much guilt. It's not good.
  2. Eat less sugar. 🚫
    Ha. At least this one only hurts me.
  3. Do something for me a couple times a week (art etc). ❓
    Eh. I was better about it earlier in the year. I've fallen back into the habit of being on my phone too much in the evenings. Starting my bullet journal for 2017 will refocus me though, since I like listing out potential projects in there.
  4. Wash my face and moisturize daily. ❓
    I was sooo good for the first half of the year. Wash every night, nighttime moisturizer before bed, daily moisturizer with sunscreen every morning. I have stuck to the SPF every day but the nighttime washing routine needs work.
  5. Hydrate more ❓
    Not too bad. I really like Tazo's iced tea bags (available at Target), and my sister got me a nice glass pitcher last Christmas, so I have (decaf) iced tea on hand all the time. I'm still probably not drinking as much as I should even so.
  6. Read real books ✅
    My sad 2015 total was somewhere around 3 books. I think I'm around 15 or 16 for 2016, which is how many you all seem to read in a month, but at least it's progress. My bookshelves are overflowing with choices, so I have no reason not to continue next year.
  7. Use my fancy loose tea ✅
    It's meant to be used! Why do always I feel inclined to save it for special occasions? I've kept up with this one all year.
  8. Resume yoga ✅
    Yes! I've been going once a week, with the exception of a few sick days and a month or so off when school started and we got super busy. I love it and I feel stronger. Very happy about this one.