Inspired by @chrisfon and everyone else. It's funny, I wouldn't have described myself as particularly "feminine." But reading your lists and writing this one made me realize that it's a broader term than I was giving it credit for. 💜
  1. I wear minimal makeup (powder, blush, mascara) or no makeup, unless I'm going out. Then I add lip gloss. Fancy!
  2. I like clothes and shopping for clothes. Feeling good in my clothes contributes to my happiness. Dresses, jeans, workout clothes, whatever, as long as they fit well and are comfortable.
    Dresses are a recent love. It's just one item! I don't have to match it to anything! So easy and cute!
  3. Sometimes I shave my legs and love how smooth they feel. Oftentimes I don't shave them and don't care about how hairy they feel.
  4. I love necklaces and earrings. I have favorites but generally pick according to my mood and outfit. Even if I'm not wearing makeup, I'm probably wearing at least a necklace and earrings. I'd like to get some cool rings.
  5. I keep my nails short and I don't like nail polish on my fingernails. It chips and then I pick at it. I occasionally paint my toenails. I like them both ways, painted or bare.
  6. I am soft and comfortable. My kids love my "squishy middle part," as they call it. I could do with it being slightly less squishy but it also reminds me that I grew two beautiful kids in there.
  7. I feel at home as a mom, and being seen as a mom.
  8. I get my hair cut 3-ish times a year. I get really grumpy when it's too long, but it's curly so that takes a while. I spend a lot on a haircut and hair products because I love when my hair looks good.
  9. I don't dye my hair, which feels like a tiny rebellion. I have a gray streak in the front that I love.
    I had a "friend" tell me that she thinks long gray hair is disgusting. To that, I say 🖕🏼!
  10. Being able to get stuff done by myself makes me feel feminine and badass at the same time. Putting together furniture, using power tools, mowing the lawn, hanging shelves, etc.
  11. Feeling physically strong also makes me feel feminine. Yoga and running are the two things I like best, and my goal is to be able to do either with ease.
  12. At the same time, part of how I view my femininity is the role I play in my family and friends' lives. I am safe, comforting, empathetic, warm, and kind. I try to give them a soft place to land, as the saying goes. This seems very feminine to me.