1. Homework assignment from the first day of 2nd grade (today) was to fill a "Me" bag with 5 items that the child feels represent him/her.
    Could be photos, objects, or a mix. They were encouraged to make one of them a picture of their family. Her reasoning for each object is below each item.
  2. 1) A picture of our family
    Because her teacher suggested it
  3. 2) A picture of herself at the summit of a challenging hike we did last summer. The picture had to include the waterfall we saw.
    Because she's an adventurer
  4. 3) A stuffed bunny
    Because it's her favorite animal
  5. 4) A blue jay feather
    Because she loves science/nature/animals and she's a (self-proclaimed) "thing finder"
  6. 5) A copy of The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles
    Because the children in the book love to explore and they believe in Magic, just like her. Plus she loves to read.
  7. I think she nailed it. ❤