Include the age you were
  1. 4 years old: my little sister needing stitches
    She fell into the edge of a toy piano and split her chin open. I remember the drive to the hospital because I was jealous that she got to sit in the front seat with my mom. (It was the early 80s.)
  2. 2 years old: sitting on the counter at my childhood home eating carrots in a Cookie Monster t-shirt
    Suggested by @graceadilla
  3. Age 3-1/2: A Foodie is Born
    Our neighbors invited us over for dinner. They were going to serve lasagna. I had never heard of this rare delicacy and was SO EXCITED all day to eat something so fancy and gourmet.
    Suggested by @jhope71
  4. Age 2. Riding my Big Wheels Trike around our pool and falling into the deep end. Didn't know how to swim well, but luckily my mom was there and she jumped in after me. I vividly recall being underwater and sinking towards the bottom and then being pulled out. I don't remember really being afraid. It was like a given that my mom would save me...
    Suggested by @alimi