Requested by Amelia


I honestly don't think I can do a definitive "top ten children's books" list (which was the original request). There are just too many good choices, and my favorites vary from week to week. I'm going to break it down into a few lists by type if that's ok. Starting with the babies...
  1. Little Blue Truck
    I know this series is turning into a toddler empire, but for me, the original is the best. Great rhythm and rhyme. It was the first book my daughter read along with, when she was 1. My whole family has it memorized.
  2. Is Your Mama a Llama?
    Cute, with catchy rhymes, introduces the idea of guessing something using clues (animals, in this case).
  3. Bear Snores On
    Another one with great rhythm and rhyme. Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman have worked together on a few things and I always love them, but this is tops.
  4. Good Night, Gorilla
    An almost entirely wordless book. There is one page that gets belly laughs in our house every single time. My son got the joke at a much younger age than I would have thought.
  5. Listen, Listen
    This book dedicates a couple of pages to the sounds of each season. The illustrations are beautiful, with lots of detail, but not the bold, eye-catching style that babies like. Best for a toddler, I think.
  6. Tumble Bumble
    One of the most requested by both of my kids. We quote it all the time.
  7. Flip, Flap, Fly
    Like Is Your Mama a Llama, this is a rhyming clue/guessing book about baby animals and their mamas. The rhythm is so catchy that even the littlest ones love this book.
  8. One Hungry Monster
    "A counting book in rhyme." Like almost every book in this list, this one is also fun to read aloud. It really makes such a big difference in our reading when the kids and I all love how a book sounds.
  9. Playtown
    This book keeps both of my kids occupied with all of the little flaps to open in each scene. My go-to choice for when I'm hopping in the shower and I need to keep my little guy busy. 😄
  10. *Sandra Boynton*
    I can't pick just one so she gets her own list item. You can't go wrong with any of them, but we especially love Pajama Time, Moo Baa La La La, The Bedtime Book, and Are You a Cow?
  11. *Dr Seuss*
    Another where I can't pick just one book. They are abridged versions of the "real" books but make a great introduction for the littlest ones. My kids liked them even at just 4 months old.