1. My younger sister (the middle sister of us three girls) got married last night in NYC!
  2. It was such an amazing weekend. We checked in to the W Union Square yesterday after lunch and had this view of Union Square Park
  3. The moms, sisters, and nieces, plus some friends and cousins spent the afternoon crowded into my sister's suite, eating, chatting, and laughing as she had her hair done. It was fun to bond with everyone; we were all giddy with the excitement of the day.
  4. My sister and new brother-in-law are book lovers, as evidenced by their choice of venue: the rare book room at The Strand bookstore. They met 10 years ago while working together at a bookstore in NJ. This was her bouquet!
    It matched her navy shoes.
  5. When we were all ready, we walked the few blocks to The Strand, where the rare book room was strung with lights and the tables were decorated with leaves and candles (fake of course!).
  6. My children were two of three flower children, the other one being my niece. They were adorable, if I do say so myself.
    The books made for a dreamy backdrop for all of the pictures.
  7. My dad officiated the wedding, as he did for my wedding 9 years ago. His service was so personal and sweet. My sister and her husband exchanged vows they wrote for each other.
  8. My brother-in-law surprised the crowd by introducing the lead singer of one of their favorite bands, The Fresh and Onlys, to play the song for their first dance. It was such a special touch, and it meant so much to the bride and groom.
  9. Our amazing dinner was catered by Blossom, one of my sister's favorite vegan restaurants in NYC.
    Yay to being able to eat every single thing at the wedding!! It was soooo good.
  10. After the wedding, we tucked the kids into bed and a bunch of us headed out to the after party at The Headless Horseman (bar).
    My husband took one for the team and stayed behind on kid duty. 🙏🏼
  11. Around 1:30, the party moved to my sister's suite back at the W. Pizza was ordered, drinks were poured. Even my parents and my sister's new in-laws hung until the bitter end, around 3:30. Everyone was in such a celebratory mood. I haven't laughed so hard in ages.
    If you happen to have been one of the (apparently many) folks who complained about us to the front desk, I am truly sorry.
  12. We woke up this morning and went for brunch at Le Pain Quotidian, a cafe near The Strand.
    That's about 30 of us, give or take. People came and went for a couple of hours.
  13. It was so hard to say goodbye to everyone after brunch. It felt like we were breaking the magical spell of the weekend.
  14. My sister is one of the best people I know, and my brother-in-law is too. They complement each other so well. I'm incredibly happy for them. Celebrating their marriage was truly a joy.
  15. ❤️❤️❤️