Requested by @jessicaz
Requested by @jessicaz and inspired by her list: My Run Journal
  1. Background: I ran track in high school (mile and 2 mile, was mediocre but generally loved it), stopped running in college, picked it up again when I graduated, ran 5Ks regularly, 10Ks occasionally, and did one half-marathon.
    Torn meniscus and resulting surgery in 2007 left me in pain every time I tried running. Physical therapy/strength training went by the wayside while I was in graduate school. I basically haven't run in almost 10 years.
  2. November 2016: I miss running so much that I crave it. It clears my head and makes me feel strong. I got so tired of feeling weak and sluggish that I started running the weekend of Thanksgiving, figuring I'd only do as much as my body could handle.
    So far that's 2 miles at a time. I haven't run the whole distance continuously yet but I've lengthened my running time and shortened my rest time. I can run an entire mile, but slowly. I'm really, really pleased with that progress.
  3. Goals: To run 3 miles without stopping. To run a 5K in around 30 minutes by the end of this year.
    Also, to remain injury-free!!
  4. Jan 11 - 2.2 miles, 27:30 min
    This time is not quite accurate, as I stopped mid-run to call and report a water main break.
  5. Jan 15 - 2.5 miles, 30 min
  6. Jan 17 - 2.2 miles, 27 min
    Some snow left on the ground, but a pleasant 37 degrees F.
  7. Jan 19 - 2.13 miles, 25:28 min
    A little faster today. My app tells me it was an 11:53/mi pace, which is great for me. Very pleased.
  8. Jan 21 - 2.15 miles, 26:36 min
  9. Jan 25 - 2.10, 24:26
    My mile splits were 11:37 and 11:49. Two sub-12 miles! Woo-hoo!
  10. Jan 27 - 2.0 miles, 22:59
    These last two runs, I was able to run the whole first mile, walk for 1 minute, and then run the rest of the second mile. Feels like a big step forward.
  11. Jan 28 - 3.1 miles, 38:28 min.
    The app tells me I averaged a 12:20 pace plus a few short walk breaks. At the end of my run, I was rewarded by seeing a blue jay, a downy woodpecker, and what I believe was a Cooper's hawk.
  12. Jan 30 - 2.1 miles, 24:17 min
    Two miles, no walk break!
  13. Feb 1 - 2-ish miles, about 24 min?
    My phone died halfway through, as it is wont to do when it's freezing out and the phone isn't fully charged. And I changed my route out of boredom, so I really have no idea. But I ran.
  14. Feb 3 - 2.1 miles, 24:00 min
  15. Feb 5 - 3.5 miles, 40:00 min
    The distance is accurate, not sure about the time. Phone died again. It was 20 degrees out. Knees are sore, probably from distance and the fact that more of this run was on concrete sidewalks instead of asphalt.
  16. Feb 6 - 2.1 miles, 22:58 min
    Mile splits- 11:10/10:35 (!!) Warmer today at 37 degrees. Felt great.
  17. Feb 8 - 2.4 miles, time ??
    Lots of stopping to admire wildlife, plus one lovely chat with the two older gentlemen who walk together every morning. (Me: "Good morning!" Man: "Every morning is a good morning!")
  18. Feb 11 - 3.7 miles, 43:00 min
    Oops. This was a bit further than I meant to go - I was aiming for 3 but I don't have all my routes mapped out yet. Then I just had to keep running home. Third+ mile was slow because of a stretch break, unshoveled sidewalks, and fatigue. But apparently I can do it, even if I didn't mean to!
  19. Feb 12 - 2.1 miles, 25:10
  20. Feb 17 - 2.1 miles, 25:01
  21. Feb 19 - 3.2 miles, 35:40
    No walk breaks. My 5K time would have been 34:45.
  22. Feb 21 - 2.1 miles, 21:10
    Mile 1: 10:23; Mile 2: 9:45 (!!!)
  23. Feb 23 - 2.1 miles, 23:36
  24. Feb 25 - 3.2 miles, 36:17
  25. Feb 27 - 2.10 miles, 21:51
  26. March 1 - 2.14 miles, 21:51
    Yes, two days of identical times. Weird.
  27. March 3 - 2.8 miles, 30:03
  28. March 5 - 3.4 miles, 39:00
    Had to walk twice because of my knees. New shoes. Lots of waiting at traffic lights. Grumble grumble grumble. Getting out the door was the real accomplishment. When my weather app says it feels like 20 degrees, it's really tempting to stay in and read my book.