I was cleaning out my nightstand today and found many half-filled notebooks that date from 2005 to about 2009. These were my favorite tidbits, mainly because of how random and non-sensical they are.
  1. "Egregious." Formatting notes? Random numbers. "Pre-owned."
    What the hell?
  2. A list of potential Halloween costumes to wear to work (at an elementary school). Plus a drawing of a hunchback/flower.
    I went as a flower. I made the costume and it turned out really well. I didn't look nearly as hunchy as the sketch.
  3. I was planning to put books and carrots in a reusable tote?
    Really not sure about this one. The order is especially confusing. Tote bags beget books and carrots?
  4. I can't remember a single book that made such an impression that I would have needed to record this goal in writing.
    Also, I have not accomplished this.
  5. An unfinished game of hangman.
    I don't recognize that handwriting.
  6. Just...what? I like how I made it seem like that second point was somehow in doubt.
    And that these were the only two items on the list.
  7. Some of the notebooks were just full of lists I would post here, in pen-and-paper form - favorites, memories, quotes, things I wanted to remember. I may put a few of them up here when I have time. 😄