NYC Marathon Day

My second year spectating and cheering on my amazing sister. (Also my second picture-heavy list in a row. Sorry if you don't like pictures. I will resume texty listing tomorrow.)
  1. Mile 16; runners have just crossed the Queensboro Bridge.
  2. Firefighters have the advantage of watching from on top of their truck. FDNY/NYPD runners got huge applause and cheers from the crowd as they went by.
  3. Subway up to 77th street on our way to Central Park
    My dad had to hold me in so the doors could close. So packed.
  4. Central Park, runners in the background
    Between miles 24 and 25
  5. This whole scene makes me so happy.
  6. The park was beautiful today!
  7. George Washington Bridge from my sister's apartment
  8. Edited to add last year's lists: