🎄Oh, Christmas Tree 🎄

Zooming in on some of my favorite ornaments.
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    My first ornament
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    My kindergarten ornament. All glue and glitter. Don't you love my sailor suit? 😄
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    One of several that were handmade by my late grandma.
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    Handmade by my cousin
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    Kid ornament 1
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    Kid ornament 2. We make some every year to give as gifts.
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    A star of a different kind. My mother-in-law likes to buy us Jewish ornaments to make sure our tree represents her side of the family.
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    From my honeymoon (Newport, RI)
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    Where my grandparents were born
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    A White House commemorative ornament that I won in my work's holiday grab bag. It's 3D and really gorgeous.
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    And of course our rooting interests are on there as well.
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    Not pictured: our Miami Dolphins ornaments.
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    I love having ornaments for major events. We have them for our engagement, our wedding, our first house, and both of our kids births. Plus I have a set of frame ornaments with one picture from each year since we've been married.
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    My mom has always hung lots of tiny colorful balls from the very tips of the branches to make the tree seem fuller and more sparkly. I love how it looks so now I do it too. Target has boxes of them for like $3.
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    All lit up in the dark. (I adjusted the lights to fix those dark spots after I took this pic.) 😉