Inspired by @alys
  1. 1986 - 7 years old
    The first time a friend from school called to talk (on the wall phone with the long curly cord that hung in our kitchen). I was paralyzed by shyness and anxiety. I had no idea how to conduct a phone conversation - what would I say? How would I know when it was time to hang up? I believe I refused to talk to her until my mom made me and then I said a few sentences and asked to hang up.
  2. 1990 - 11 years old
    My then-best friend convinced me to make prank calls from her house while her parents were out. Someone used *69 to call us back and threatened to call the police. We ran to the park down the street in case the police really came to her house.
  3. 1992 - 13 years old
    This is more the phone call that wasn't. I had slept over my best friend's house and instead of asking either of our parents if we could continue hanging out the next day, we hopped in her pool. Her mom came out and yelled at us (like, a lot) for being "prima donnas." She was rude about it, but she was also probably right - we had taken our parents' time and schedules for granted.
  4. 1999 - 20 years old
    My grandmother called at 11pm and asked for my dad, who was out for a run. When I told her he wasn't home, she asked me to drive over and bring my grandpa to the hospital because he was so sick he couldn't speak. Thankfully as I was running out the door, my dad came home and rushed over with me. It turned out my grandpa was having a heart attack. He recovered fully, but it was the first time I was in the role of taking care of an adult in my family, reassuring my grandma that I would come help.
  5. 2001 - 21 years old
    I called my boyfriend of 3 years (who lived almost an hour away) and asked if we could meet to talk. He correctly guessed that I was breaking up with him and refused to meet. We talked/argued and he hung up, and then refused to speak another word to me for the next 4 months. I had a job interview the next day and I cried from the time I hung up the phone until an hour before the interview, only stopping to eat boxed mac and cheese and sleep.
  6. 2002 - 23 years old
    I walked into my parents' house after a day at work just as my mom was hanging up the phone. My grandma had died. (See this list for my memories of her: WHAT I LOVED ABOUT MY GRANDMA)