Inspired by @Diplomatic_diva
  1. 1 - Play
  2. 2 - Bold
    Colors? It's a stretch but also the only pic I had from 6/2 that qualifies.
  3. 3 - Above
    Outside my childhood home. (Edited to add: I just noticed my old bedroom window is missing a shutter! I think it blew off in a storm. Also, this is a duplex. We lived in the half you see pictured.)
  4. 4 - Relax
    Literally drank this tea and then fell asleep. Yay for Sunday naps! (I'm re-reading Summerland by Michael Chabon. It's a young adult book about kids and baseball and magical creatures and saving the world, and it really is such a summery book to me.)
  5. 5 - Soft
    This should have been easy but I forgot.
  6. 6 - Three
  7. 7 - Patterned
    Some dresses are just made for twirling.
  8. 8 - Space
    Love the DK books! We've been slowly building our collection.
  9. 9 - Wrinkled
    Play silks.
  10. 10 - Bright
    View from my friends' rooftop in Brooklyn
  11. 11 - Fast
  12. 12 - Bent
    My play-doh creation, all bent out of shape because I was overly ambitious and added another layer.
  13. 13 - Friendship
    First thing in the morning, all tucked in together on the couch. I hated having to ask them to get dressed for school. Only 7 more school days left.
  14. 14 - Close-up
    Green frog we spotted in the swamp today at nature class. I love his toes.