Or, Things I Used to Do to Get Out of Participating in Class. (Generally high school. Sometimes college, depending on the course or professor. I don't care how much of the grade is made up of class participation, talking in front of many people makes me feel like I'm going to die.) Inspired by @kate81's "Participation Station."
  1. Pretend to blow my nose
    Used this one A Lot.
  2. Pretend to yawn
    Just to make it look like an inopportune moment to call on me
  3. Pretend I couldn't find my pencil/pen/other essential item and look through my bag for it
  4. Look like I didn't know the answer
    It's a mixture of confusion but also interest, designed to show that I couldn't possibly give an answer but I'm definitely paying attention.
  5. Look pitiful
    This actually worked with some sympathetic teachers.