Inspired by @amieshmamie
  1. Do you hate your birthday because of all the attention?
    I don't mind a some attention from family and friends. Phone calls and texts make my day. A quiet celebration where I can spend time with people I love without the focus being directly on me is ideal. For god's sake, please never, ever, ever get the staff to sing to me in a restaurant. (Note: my mother-in-law made this mistake this exactly once, at Macaroni Grill, where they make you wave a napkin over your head as they sing.)
  2. Do you think I'm a diva because I LOVE my birthday?
    Nope. It's your day, so do with it what you will. Unless you insist on me joining you to celebrate it in a public place and cause a scene. Even a happy scene is too much scene for me.
  3. Do I talk too loudly?
    It depends on the situation. If we are out somewhere together and your volume causes other people to look at us (me), I will want to sink into the floor.
  4. Do you take a lot of bubble baths?
    No. Do very long hot showers count?
  5. How many cats do you have?
    None, but I can picture having one small cuddly one if I wasn't so darn allergic.
  6. Did you read Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking?
    Not yet but it sounds wonderful.
  7. Do you think your job and/or school lends itself to the success of extroverts over introverts? What about the world in general?
    I guess teaching could be hard for introverts because kids pretty much never stop talking and wanting to interact with you. I find unfamiliar adults to be the most anxiety-producing, so I was pretty good with the other teachers at school once I got to know them. I liked that I could close my classroom door and create/stay in my own little world. (EDIT: I am a teacher and this paragraph describes that experience.)
  8. How long is the perfect amount of time to stay at a party?
    If I don't know anyone but I absolutely must attend, 30 minutes seems sufficient. If it's a party with my friends or family, I will be the last one standing and insisting that people don't really have to leave yet.
  9. Will you be my friend?
    Of course. I would love nothing more than to be your cozy, quiet friend.