Requested by @andersun
My grandparents are awesome. I sincerely hope to be like them some day. (My dad often refers to them as "college students with money" - since they retired, they just travel and hang out with their friends all the time.)
  1. Has a gym membership and listens to music on her iPod while she works out
    I ran into her there once and she had to take her earbuds out to say hi to me.
  2. Goes to yoga 2-3 times a week
  3. Walks so fast that I sometimes can't carry on a conversation while we are walking
  4. Just bought a zippy little red car
  5. Stays up late and likes to sleep in
    Sometimes because she and my Grandpa have been out dancing with their friends.
  6. Reads on her Kindle every day
  7. Likes shopping and is concerned about whether her jeans make her butt look good
  8. Very concerned about social issues
  9. Supports the members of our family who are gay when their own parents would not
    Her brother basically disowned his kids; she has been like a surrogate parent to them for as long as I can remember.
  10. Travels regularly (has plans for 2 trips to Europe this year alone)
  11. Gossips on the phone with her girlfriends (including me 😎) all the time
  12. Picture proof that my 82-year-old grandma is actually a young person:
    This is her running with my daughter while we were out for a walk last spring. I was pushing my son in his stroller and they ended up having to stop and wait for me.