Inspired by @nikkilounoel and everyone else too. I actually feel like you learn some things about me from this. One of which is that I have very few screenshots on my phone.
  1. Valentine for my husband
  2. These are never not funny. Sent this during the big snowstorm.
  3. Definitely saved this one from someone's list on here. (Thanks @ladyprofessor! It was from @shanaz's list.) It so perfectly describes me and I laugh every time I see it.
  4. A series of autocorrects as my daughter was randomly punching buttons on the phone.
  5. Saw this online somewhere and saved it in case anyone ever asks me what my dream house looks like.
  6. I am slightly embarrassed to say that I saved these next two. I never really intended to show them to anyone.
  7. You guys get it though.