"Resolutions" are too big and serious. Here the little, achievable ways I am trying to make 2016 healthier and happier. I may add to this; I don't feel the need to set them all out in January, but it's a nice time to reassess.
  1. Drink more liquids. ✅
    Tea, water, seltzer. I'm pretty sure I'm often dehydrated.
  2. Use my fancy (loose) tea. ✅
    It only takes a minute longer, I have a ton of it thanks to generous friends and family, and it makes me much happier. It's like a little gift to myself several times a day.
  3. Resume yoga. ✅
    I love yoga. I used to go very regularly, but since my kids were born, I've stopped. I got a gift certificate to my favorite studio for Christmas and went to my first class last night. (Yay!)
  4. Yell less.
    This is ongoing and probably too vague. My parents were yellers and I hated it but I find myself doing the same thing to my kids. I know I can change if I am mindful about it.
  5. Wash my face and moisturize daily. ✅
    I have only missed two days so far. 11/13 is pretty good I think. All credit to the lovely people of List App who list about their favorite products and skin care regimens.
  6. Eat less sugar.
    Definitely too vague because I find still myself eating sweets every day, and my body feels terrible when I do. Feeling a little stuck with this one.
  7. Read real books. ✅
    It's way too easy to fall prey to my phone/iPad in the short amount of free time I have each night. And while I did read a few e-books last year, it was highly in satisfying. I have already read one real book this month and started another!! Yay!
  8. Do something just for me a couple times a week. ✅
    Coloring, painting, drawing, sewing, etc. instead of just sitting with my phone or in front of mindless TV.