The subject of this list: MY DAUGHTER'S BEST QUOTES OF 2015 She turns 6 today. Excuse me while I indulge myself in listing some of the things I love about her.
  1. She basically didn't sleep for the first two years of her life. Now she loves sleeping - in a narrow strip of bed, totally surrounded by "stuffy friends," mounds of books, and a flashlight for reading in bed, but no pillow.
  2. She is such a determined person. She will practice something doggedly until she gets it. Examples: potty training, learning to ride a two-wheeler, and whistling.
  3. She's funny. She loves joke books, practical jokes, and plays on words. She will always laugh at pratfalls and physical humor.
  4. She loves nature, especially birds and small furry animals. She appreciates sunsets and the quality of light at the golden hour.
  5. She wants a pet bunny more than anything in the world.
  6. She is a Thing-finder. No matter where we go, she comes home with leaves, sticks, buttons, coins, sequins, little plastic parts of things, etc, etc. She is saving them "for projects."
  7. When she can be bothered to choose her own clothes for the day, she sticks to a color theme, i.e. all blue: blue shirt, blue shorts, blue socks. Actual shades of the individual items do not matter.
  8. She has put up with 8 months of swimming lessons despite feeling truly terrified before each one. She can now swim underwater by herself. It is a huge accomplishment for her.
    She is also a master distracter/negotiator once she's in the pool, but her instructor is wise to her. 😏
  9. She loves art and music in the way that young kids do: she produces it freely and with no self-consciousness. It's all about the process. She especially loves to record her own voice and make great big painty, gluey masterpieces.
  10. She loves books so much that the first thing she does when she opens one is smell it.
  11. She has missed school every day of this summer vacation.
  12. She discovered the truth about the Tooth Fairy by reading a book but plays along for the sake of the adults (grandparents) in her life.
    Her ideal Tooth Fairy reward is 2 quarters so she can keep one and share one with her brother.
  13. She has an "invisible" friend named Carol, whom she describes as her twin sister. I have had to pour cups of water for Carol, leave room on the couch for Carol, and not drive until Carol buckles herself into the car.
    I will really miss her when she's outgrown.
  14. She is insistent on truth and justice. Read: she calls me out on my bullshit all. the. time.
    She's usually right too, and sometimes I am not very gracious about it. But then we talk and I encourage her to keep telling me. She has proven herself to be patient and forgiving as well.
  15. I have learned an incredible amount about myself from being her parent.
  16. She's pretty much one of the best people I know. ❤️