1. I'm gutted about the election and its effects on our country this week. My feelings pale in comparison to the feelings of those people that have been threatened and marginalized by the President-elect.
    Whatever his supporters say their motivations were, the reality is that people I love and care about - li.st members, friends, and members of my own family - are among those groups who are under attack, by his words and the people they empowered. It is unacceptable, no matter what reason you may have had for voting for him, if you did.
  2. To my friends who are in pain: I'm so sorry. I'm with you in love, spirit, and solidarity. I have a list of actions I'm ready to take this week. I promise I won't be silent.
    I also don't expect you to take action. I don't expect you to be brave or to have hope. If you are sad, scared, or hurt, I will listen. I have read your lists, as many as I can, and I hear you.
  3. I find myself crying at random times, at mundane things. I cried my way through the National Gallery of Art yesterday thinking of BJ's list: A list of hopes on 11/9
    "Great art comes from times like this." What will we add to this collection, and what will it say about us? I hope future generations look back and see this time as a turning point, not a setback. Even though it feels like one right now.
  4. We attended a wedding this weekend. It was hard to imagine feeling celebratory, but it ended up being a lovely experience.
    Love goes on. Love is powerful. These two amazing friends of ours are lifelong public servants who are trying to affect change in whatever ways they can, and they give each other strength. That can only be good for our world.
  5. Thanks to the lists and conversations here, I was able to have productive, meaningful talks with other friends who were open and compassionate listeners.
    They tend to lean right in their politics (observation, not judgement). They didn't vote for Trump, but they started the weekend with an "All we can do is hope he isn't that bad" mentality. They ended up in a different place, seeing the need to advocate, protect, educate, and be involved. I truly believe that you all helped with that because I was able to articulate my points more clearly.
  6. I love you all. I'm grateful for you. I'm with you. ❤️