Inspired by @ChrisK
  1. Uncle Norman's pipe
    I loved this smell as a kid. It was sweet and had a hard edge to it - probably a typical pipe smell but I didn't know anyone else who smoked one besides Uncle Norman.
  2. My dog's feet that smelled like Fritos.
    My mom used to get so (inexplicably) annoyed when we described the dog's feet that way, but I know it's a pretty common association.
  3. Love's Baby Soft
    My first perfume. I walked to Drug Fair in town with my best friend to buy it.
  4. My grandma's bathroom
    This is a weird one that I can't really describe. It was a pleasant smell, not at all "bathroom"-like. I was going to say baby powder, but just at this second realized it was probably Gold Bond powder, plus mint mouthwash. Remembering this makes me miss my grandma.
  5. Mr Sketch scented markers
    Complete with the matching dot of color on my nose.
  6. My mom's China hutch
    I don't open the cabinets of her hutch when I visit, but I know exactly how it would smell if I did: a mixture of pine and candles. It's a very specific smell, and totally reminds me of home.
  7. Coffee, bacon, and eggs
    I don't drink coffee, nor do I eat bacon or eggs. But my grandma used to make them for herself and my grandpa for breakfast, and the smell woke us up when we slept over. It reminds me of being cared for. (Note: I am still cared for, I just don't wake up to this smell any more.)
  8. Lilacs
    There are beautiful lilacs growing outside my parent's house. In the spring, my mom would fling open the windows and let the smell waft in. This memory is accompanied by the visual of her crisp white cotton curtains blowing in the breeze.
  9. Jasmine flowers
    Another grandparent-related one. My maternal grandma (see items 4 and 7) had jasmine bushes outside her windows in Florida. At night, on our vacations to see her, we would come home from dinner and do jigsaw puzzles together with the scent of jasmine in the air. Jasmine tea is my favorite for this reason.
  10. My paternal grandparents' garage/basement
    This is a cheating one because while it is one of the most prominent smells of my childhood, I'm so so lucky that they still live in my neighborhood, and I can go smell their garage and basement whenever I want.