Requested by @jessicaz
  1. My children
    Obvious, I know. But there are so many times a day when I am awestruck by them - their beauty, their innocence, their very existence. I am so lucky.
  2. Friends/family
    Spending time with my people is among the best things ever.
  3. Creating
    Art, writing, even cooking...making something is such a joyful thing for me.
  4. Nature
    Being outside anywhere, whether it be the park down the street or the top of a mountain, is instant happiness.
  5. Facilitating learning
    Watching a child grasp something new for the first time is amazing, and being a part of that process is very rewarding.
  6. Books
    Reading to my kids or for myself. There is so much joy to be found in language and connecting with someone else's ideas.
  7. Beautiful objects
    Old or new, small (like a teacup) or large (like a house), I love when thought and effort have gone into making something aesthetically pleasing.
  8. Tea
    Especially, as @jpbateson pointed out in this list THAT WHICH BRINGS ME GREAT JOY.., when it is the exact right temperature.