Inspired by @shanaz and @Fitz
  1. Favorite word
  2. Least favorite word
  3. Turn-ons
    Tie between intelligence and kindness.
  4. Turn-offs
  5. Favorite curse word
    F*ck and its various permutations. I don't generally like saying them out loud, but my internal dialogue is peppered with them.
  6. Favorite sound
    The din created by my extended family when we're all together - voices, laughter, dishes, and music all blended together in a happy hum.
  7. Least favorite sound
    Cutlery scraping on a plate
  8. Profession I'd like to attempt
    Tie between artist, children's book author/illustrator, and bookstore owner.
  9. Profession I wouldn't like to attempt
    Anything in politics
  10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say as you arrive when the pearly gates?
    You can go see your family now.