Requested by @pili_ervin
  1. Spring, 1997
    Senior year of high school
  2. Driving myself to a Saturday morning track practice in the park across town
    So it would have been about 9 am, probably in late April.
  3. Windows down, radio up, sun shining
  4. I stopped at a red light (I even remember which house I stopped in front of), and I finally tuned into to what I was hearing...
  5. If I've gone overboard then I'm begging you to forgive me, oh, in my haste
  6. There was something so sexy about his voice in that song. Very different than what I thought I knew about DMB.
    What I knew before was that all of the cool kids (of which I was most definitely not one) liked to go to outdoor concerts at the arts center and get hammered, and DMB was a popular choice. Not my scene; I wrongly assumed "not my band."
  7. So that was it. I bought that cd, Crash, and many of the ones after it. And stole my little sister's copies of the ones before it because she was always ahead of me and already owned them.
    Living near NYC/Philadelphia, we were usually able to catch him once or twice on his summer tours. So many great shows, lawn seats all the way. Just writing this list is making me nostalgic for summer nights under the stars with friends!
  8. 🎶😊💕