I am fully (and somewhat painfully) aware that nothing on this list is particularly new or interesting. It's ok though.
  1. Tea
    Preferably white or green. Jasmine is my all-time favorite because it reminds me of my grandma and the jasmine that grew outside her house in Florida.
  2. Books
    Mainly fiction. Nothing scary. Interesting characters who fall in love are always nice. I recently discovered that I like sort-of-fantasy stuff and magical realism.
  3. Children's books
    I feel like I could easily exceed the 99 item limit trying to list all of the children's books I love. Maybe I will try one day.
  4. My family
    Both my husband+kids family and my parents+siblings family. We often joke about all just moving into a large compound together but I would really seriously do it.
  5. My friends
    I have been so entirely fortunate to find some very dear ones. I love them a lot.
  6. My home
    It's not large or fancy, but it is cheerful and it keeps us safe and warm. I love it best when it is full of friends and family.
  7. Being outside
    Anywhere. A park is great, the beach is awesome, hiking in the woods is pretty much the best ever. Even my front steps in a decidedly not-scenic neighborhood will do.