This is a clothes closet, just to clarify. Not a utility closet.
  1. Uno game, brand-new
  2. Roll of toilet paper
  3. Manual for my printer
  4. Empty picture frame
  5. Kids' 3D puzzle
  6. Post-It notes
  7. A small bag of greeting cards people sent to us in 2012
    I don't even know, you guys
  8. 16" hook rail
    From a former organization spree? I don't even have a place to hang it.
  9. And finally, many items of clothing I couldn't find and assumed were lost forever
  10. But look! I can step into my "step-in" closet now!
    I don't know if that's the real name for this type of closet, but it's not a "walk-in" like you'd see on HGTV.
  11. Donated one huge bag of clothes, one bag of shoes, one pocketbook, and some accessories (pocketbooks, scarves, etc). 🙌🏽
    And put the rest of the mess where it actually belongs throughout the house.