I'm more accepting of myself all the time. Excited for the direction I'm headed.
  1. My gray streak
    I have a very pronounced gray streak in the front of my hair. I could fight it, but why spend the time/money? So I rock it instead.
  2. My individuality
    I often feel like I am in the minority when it comes to things I believe (about people, and about the world). I'm ok with that but appreciate the Internet for making me feel less alone. Love that The List App is trying to keep things positive and friendly. We need more of that!
  3. My eyes
    They're blue and I think they're pretty.
  4. My creativity
    I've had the opportunity to do some writing work on projects headed by people much more wise and experienced than me, and who I respect very much. And you know what? I've held my own.
  5. My body
    I have the usual insecurities from time to time but my body carried and gave birth to two awesome kids so I can't hate on it too much.