Requested by @kellydehoop
Thanks for the list request, @kellydehoop! I wrote a version of this in October: THINGS I LIKE ABOUT ME but I've actually meant to go back and add to it as I was inspired by other people's lists. So here's Part 2!
  1. I give excellent hugs.
    No wimpy handshakes, no wimpy hugs. You will get a solid squeeze from me (if you want one).
  2. I take pride in my work.
    Sometimes it crosses into perfectionism (see list: PERFECTIONISM...) but I really enjoy doing a good job of something.
  3. My job helps others.
    I'm a stay-at-home mom but before that, I was a special education teacher. Currently, I tutor students with dyslexia and write teaching manuals for other teachers who do the same.
  4. I "lead from the back."
    A strange compliment paid to me by my high school track coach. Basically, I was slow, but I was good at encouraging everyone and keeping the group together. That's still my role with my group of friends. I'm not the loudest by far, but I get everyone together and love on them!
  5. I am emotional and sensitive.
    Sometimes this gets perceived as a weakness, but I don't see it that way. I get invested in people, relationships, and ideas, and I care deeply about them.
  6. I have made my home a welcoming place.
    My astrological sign is Cancer, and I am a true homebody. I like my house to feel like a hug (see point #1 on this list) and I am happiest amongst the din of friendly conversation. My loved ones know they are welcome any time, day or night. My door is always open, and a pot of tea is only a few minutes away.