Related to this list about being done having kids: THOUGHTS ON BEING DONE HAVING KIDS. This is some of the stuff I will miss. 😢
  1. Looking into their eyes as they nurse
  2. Sweet milky breath
  3. Snuggling them in little stretchy outfits and pajamas
  4. Tiny little fingers and toes
    It's a cliche for a reason.
  5. Seeing them start to make sense of the world
  6. How a little head fits into the crook of my neck so perfectly
  7. The fact that their needs are so simple
  8. Holding them in a dry towel after a bath
  9. Making them laugh
  10. Patting a little diapered bum
  11. Reading board books
  12. Witnessing language acquisition
    This is almost as much of a miracle to me as the fact that an entire person grew from two cells.
  13. Watching them drift off to sleep
  14. The weight of them on my chest
  15. The way they look at me because I'm their Mama