As my husband can attest to, I am prone to ranting.
  1. The amount of STUFF in our house
    Lots of it kid-related (toys, stuffed animals). I didn't expect "stuff manager" to be one of the hats I wear as a parent, yet here we are.
  2. The additional amount of stuff my mother-in-law brings to our house every time she comes over
    Despite me repeatedly asking her for years to please stop.
  3. Consumerism in general and the accompanying waste
    Where does all this cheap plastic shit go? Being in Costco makes me feel panicky, and I can't even think too hard about Target, as much as I love it.
  4. The fact that some people still don't recycle even though it's not that hard.
    Am I wrong? Is recycling a struggle for anyone? I'm really curious; maybe I just live in a pro-recycling bubble.
  5. Climate-change deniers/anti-science folks
  6. Politics, as of this year
  7. Rigid, traditional gender roles and expectations
    Especially when pushed onto children by the adults in their lives
  8. When people tear down a little old house in a little old neighborhood and build something new and massive that doesn't match and that dwarfs the houses around it
    This happens all the time in my town and I hate it. A development full of McMansions is one thing, but to squish one in the middle of a block of cute little cape cods is ridiculous.
  9. My mother