These are the things that I wish I was better at. (There's lots of other stuff I can't do well but I don't really care.) Inspired by @rachaelray
  1. Being a patient mom
    I was a kick-A babysitter for years. I was a kind and patient teacher for years after that. Then I became a parent and my whole self-image had to be seriously reevaluated. These kids have my number. (FWIW, I am actively working on having more patience but I really did think it would come naturally.)
  2. Relatedly, having so many small children.
    I always pictured myself as this Earth-mother type, with small children gathered around me as we made crafts and baked homemade bread. I envisioned shepherding three, maybe four little ones around, all of them sweetly listening to my words. Yeah, no. Two often feels like a circus and all of my crafty/baking activities end with one or all of us shrieking. (Again, working on it.)
  3. Being in a relationship
    I assumed the skills I thought I had for dealing with other people (friends, children that aren't mine) would readily translate into relationship success. Ha ha. There is evermore work to be done and I am continually surprised by how much of it is on my end.
  4. Owning pets
    I love animals. I had a houseful of pets growing up. My mom rehabilitated injured birds and mice we found in the neighborhood. I cry at the sight of roadkill. I catch and release ants when they are in my kitchen. I couldn't complete the list suggestion "Exotic Animals I'd Like to Own" because it made me too sad. But Lordy, I do not want any pets. The idea of having fur and drool all over my house is so gross.
  5. Drawing real things
    This is a silly one. I like to doodle and make patterns and designs. I was a passable drawer in grade school and consider myself fairly creative. I love that some people have that seemingly magical ability to capture things beautifully on paper. Alas, I am not one of them.