This is a really subjective list, but something I've been thinking about now that I have kids of my own. My parents were teenagers when they had me, and I am still amazed at how well they did (as parents - not so great as a couple, but that's a list for them to write).
  1. Started our own traditions, unique to the 5 of us.
  2. Told us we were beautiful.
  3. Trusted us.
  4. Treated us as individuals/respected our differences.
  5. Let us make mistakes.
  6. Minimized emphasis on material goods.
    They sort of had to because we didn't have any money, but we learned good values in this area as a result.
  7. Encouraged us to play outside.
  8. Supported our interests.
  9. Never limited us because we were girls.
    My dad coached our sports teams, taught us how to change a tire, and made sure we appreciated the nuances of Formula 1 racing.
  10. Insisted on family time.
    But not in a weird, strict way. More like, every so often we spent a day together that was just for us with no distractions.
  11. Minded their own business about the little things but involved themselves in the big things.
  12. Gave us loads of free/unstructured time to play.
  13. Exposed us to art and music.
    Museums and watching the symphony on PBS come to mind.
  14. Made reading a priority, and gave us access to books via our modest home library and frequent public library visits.
    And, we were allowed to read at the dinner table. 📚
  15. Made it abundantly clear how much they loved us.
  16. Lived by the motto "We're all in this together."
    My dad's favorite saying to this day. He is generous with his time - with us and with others - and this is always his reasoning.