He is afraid of everything so one of us sits with him every night until he falls asleep. It's been an hour. He's "not tired."
  1. I love you in the whole universe. Boo Boo Butt. Ba-doongy-face.
    (All in whispers.)
  2. I have one happy thing and one sad thing. The sad thing is I think dragons might come in our house. The happy thing is I like snuggling with you.
    Followed by: Can we get dragon spray so they don't come in my room? And make a sign about no dragons?
  3. This room doesn't have a garbage can! Where could it be? Oh, it dooz have a garbage can. I see it now.
  4. Soooo...I think I'm ready for breakfast.
    *Actual break to go eat 3 bowls of Rice Krispies. He really was hungry.*
  5. PLEASE SHINE DOWN ON ME!! Hey, I do know that Golden Sun song.
  6. Do you remember I took a bath? I remember that too.
  7. When cold weather comes, can I wear garbage truck jammies?
  8. Can we like, play and stuff when the sun comes up? Do we still have to whisper?
  9. Don't forget to cut my fingernails because [scratches my face] they are very long.
  10. What does it spell on your shirt with S-O-P-H-I-A? (I tell him.) Sophia. Sophia. That doesn't need an H.
  11. I need to pee. Right now. Wait, I'll get the lantern.
  12. I need a Band-aid. I NEED A BAND-AID!!!
    Me: Which finger hurts? Him: I don't know.
  13. Giphy
    Anyone have any magic sleepy time fairy dust?