Inspired by @drugs, @andersun, and @mmthompson
  1. Tissue box
    Between me and the kids, someone always needs a tissue. Always Kleenex brand (no lotion!) and always the large size because it makes one-handed dispensing easier.
  2. Journal and pen
    I love this plain one because I don't feel precious about it, which makes it a good place for working through my feelings. I don't feel like I have to use nice handwriting or complete sentences.
  3. Frame with 2 pictures
    Of my kids. Predictable.
  4. Small dish/tray thing
    A place to set my mug if I have tea before bed, or to keep my jewelry/watch if I forget to take them off before laying down.
  5. Clock
    Has a noisy tick which I can usually ignore but when I do notice it, it drives me crazy. The hands glow in the dark, though, which is so much better than a bright digital glow.
  6. I think I have a comparatively tiny nightstand!
    It's good, honestly. I would just pile junk on it if it were bigger.